Beatlemaniacs Rock at The Villages, Florida
Brought to You by a Collaboration of
Impresario Dr. Winston O'Boogie, Jr.
and the Impressive Beatles Tribute Players

of The Villages, Florida
10:00am to NOON
Odell Recreation Center
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John Lennon Guitar

Paul McCartney Bass

George Harrison Guitar

Ringo Starr Drums Ludwig

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If you Google that phrase --"the beatles effect on people" -- Google says you'll get back "About 13,300,000 resultsĀ in 0.17 seconds."

The Beatles' impact was broad, regardless of whether each touch was significant or piddling.

Several members and attendees of our Beatlemaniacs meetings have shared personal stories -- significant or piddling -- about how the Beatles affected their lives, at one time or another, and how those memories have been maintained and, to some degree by involvement with our club, rekindled.

If you would like to share your personal Beatles memories with the Club, tell us your tale, and we'll post your recollections for others to enjoy and prompt their own recall.

Many thanks to George Hirtle, Jr., originally from Lynn, Mass. and now of the Village of Charlotte, for his memories, which follow.


Beatle Memories and Influences of George Hirtle, Jr.

George Hirtle, Jr. - Beatlemaniac -  Beverly, Mass - The Beatles 1964"On February 9, 1964 I was 15 years old, a 9th grader in Junior High School in Beverly, Massachusetts. The talk around school was that The Beatles would be on The Ed Sullivan Show, and I was so looking forward to watching.

Even though I had pleaded with my parents, they were unmoved. Eight o'clock came and went, and they refused to let me watch. I was devastated and then the phone call. My grandmother (my mother's mother) called and asked if I was watching the show, and when I told her that mom and dad wouldn't let me watch, she told me to hold on. She put the phone next to her TV and let me listen to "She Loves You" over the phone.

That was my grandma.

The next week my parents relented and let me watch The Beatles from Miami.

I knew from that moment on that I wanted to play music. I went on from there and joined a band in High School. We called ourselves "The Other Ones," with the thought process being that there was The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc., and we were "The Other Ones". We played for local YMCA and High School dances and many private parties and one opening night at a local dance club. We even auditioned for a local TV show called "Community Auditions" but didn't quite make it.

We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience for me.


(George plays acoustic and electric 6- and 12-string guitars and harmonica. His is one of those Beatle legacies that touched and stuck.)



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