Beatlemaniacs Rock at The Villages, Florida
Brought to You by a Collaboration of
Impresario Dr. Winston O'Boogie, Jr.
and the Impressive Beatles Tribute Players
of The Villages, Florida
10:00am to NOON

Odell Recreation Center
(Click for Map)

John Lennon Guitar

Paul McCartney Bass

George Harrison Guitar

Ringo Starr Drums Ludwig


50 year






Beatle Pre-Ringo


Yellow Sub


10:00 AM START

12:00 NOON END


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First Hour

Beatles Retrospective

"This Week in Beatles History," remarkable DVDs, Personal Recollections (including some from former UK residents who lived the "Mersey Beat," and saw the The Beatles LIVE in the clubs and the other Mersey bands in Liverpool), recordings of Beatles performances from other world locations, interviews, history of Beatle music productions, recording sessions and writing, and bits of arcane but fascinating Beatles nostalgia.


Second Hour

Live Music by The Musicians who Show Up to Play

If you're a musician and want to participate (yeah, play Beatles tunes from their first era):

1 - Bring your own instrument (it's not good to share someone else's harmonica, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums or other instrument)

2 - If it's electronic, bring a cord with a 1/4" mono plug for our PA system; if it's acoustic and you have a mic, bring the mic with a stand (and preferably an XLR plug for our soundboard)

Beatles Complete Chord Book3 - Get yourself a copy of the Beatles Complete Chord Songbook, published by Hal Leonard Corporation, available lots of places in paperback and on Kindle.

It's our universal hymnal from which we derive our arrangements and irreligious devotions for each meeting, prayer session and confessional... and it sure makes the music work better for the musicians than just winging it. (And it sounds better, too.)

4 - Would you like to perform solo, duet, or in some other small-group format at a Beatlemaniacs Club meeting? The Club wants to encourage talent to present itself as the vocalist or instrumentalist would like.

Your repertoire MUST be a Beatles "song," not necessarily composed by one of the Beatles, but may be the product of another composer and performed by the Beatles on a recording or at a concert (and verifiable). (For example, "Money," written by Barry Gordy and Janie Bradford as the 1959 hit single by Barrett Strong on the Tamla label.)

If you want to make one of these special or individual performances, email Dr. Boogie, Jr. at the link below and tell him what and when. (We already know "why.")

5 - When you attend your first Club meeting, be sure to write your name and email address on the sign-up sheet so Winston can email you the song list in advance for each meeting. Or, click the email link below to send him your name and email.