Beatlemaniacs Rock at The Villages, Florida
Brought to You by a Collaboration of
Impresario Dr. Winston O'Boogie, Jr.
and the Impressive Beatles Tribute Players
of The Villages, Florida
10:00am to NOON

Odell Recreation Center
(Click for Map)

John Lennon Guitar

Paul McCartney Bass

George Harrison Guitar

Ringo Starr Drums Ludwig


50 year






Beatle Pre-Ringo


Yellow Sub

music too loudIT'S TOO LOUD ! ! ! !

NOT ANY MORE, IT'S NOT ! ! ! !sot music


February 8 - At this meeting, several people complained that we were just too loud. Some people who are actually big fans of the Club and regular attendees actually walked out after a few songs.

I (your inimitable and concerned Impresario) discussed this issue with a few people after the meeting and was surprised to hear several different and some completely opposite ideas on what was causing the problem. It went from "some of the guys have their amps up too loud" to "the vocals are too loud so we need to turn up the guitars."

Personally, I think it's just the sheer number of electric guitars that are being played at the same time, but I'm not a sound guy, so I could be wrong. (As the great song title says, "IMAGINE" that.)

At our February 15 meeting, we're going to actually measure sound volume decibels (the actual Sound Pressure Level) using an SPL Meter, along with the responses of the humans in attendance to advise the musicians and PA system controller on setting comfortable levels.

As a Club and individual musicians, none of us wants anyone leaving because they thought the music volume uncomfortable. Let's see and hear what happens next Friday.


February 15 - We had another great meeting this morning and I am very pleased to report we all worked together as a group and with the help of professional sound men Joel Heckman and Garry Wayne working in conjunction with Roy Bill, we got the music down to a very comfortable level.

Everyone there agreed that the sound level was good. So, if you were one of those who left last week and didn't return because of the volume, I hope you will give us another chance. We will, in the future, endeavor to keep the level at a reasonable (comfortable) level.